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Levitra And Its Overall Effects In Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Levitra vs viagraLevitra, a drug used to eliminate erectile dysfunction among men, is one of the efficient methods. Men love sex and there is no doubt about it. However, there are instances, such as having an erectile dysfunction, that can hinder them from having sex with their partners. If you are one of the thousands of men suffering from erection problems, you have to consider this drug. Basically, Levitra acts by relaxing the muscles going to the penis. When this happens, there will be an increased blood flow to it, therefore, making way for an erection.

When using Levitra, you must seek help from your physician first. A physician will give you the proper dosage of this medication for you to avoid any possible problems with regards to it. Plus, it can help you get rid of erectile dysfunction right away. Remember that Levitra should be taken once each day. If you will have sex, take this medication 30 minutes prior to anticipated sexual encounter. You must also know that Levitra could give way for your blood pressure to abruptly drop, if it is used along with other medicines.

Another thing to take note of is that this medication will not protect either you or your partner against sexually transmitted diseases. For optimum results, do not take this medication along with other medications intended for erectile dysfunction. You might also consider the signs and symptoms that this particular medication could bring. If any of these adverse effects take place while you are in a Levitra therapy, notify your physician right away.

Erectile dysfunctionHere are the most common symptoms associated with Levitra:

  • • Upset of the stomach
  • • Indigestion
  • • Dizziness
  • • Runny nose
  • • Headache
  • • Pain felt in the back

In particular, using Levitra can likewise make way for an uncommon side effect to take place. Priapism, or a condition known as a painful erection, might possibly occur and it needs immediate medical treatment. If the erection lasts more than four hours, you have to seek help from the physician right way.

You must take Levitra according to your doctor’s prescription. You must seek help from your doctor to determine which dosage is ideal for you. For starters, a dose of 2.5mg is ideal. Dosage will gradually add up (5mg, 25mg, 50mg) if the patient does not show positive signs when taking the initial dose. Dosages of Levitra should only be taken one per day. The importance of going to your doctor will tell the proper dosage.

There are other considerations if you want to take Levitra. Before taking this medication, here are some of the medical problems that you must tell your doctor right away:

  • • Heart problems
  • • Seizure
  • Stroke
  • • Stomach ulcer
  • • Bleeding disorder
  • • Hearing impairment
  • • Liver and kidney disorders

If you have any of the problems mentioned above, do not take Levitra. Seek counsel from your physician to know the best plan of action in treating your erection problems. Overall, if you want to eliminate any problems regarding your sexual health, make sure to take advantage of Levitra. All the information listed here can help you decide if you will take this particular medication.

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