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Men's Health

Detecting Prostate Cancer from Urine's Smell

One of the procedures involved in the diagnosis of prostate cancer is a highly invasive and uncomfortable biopsy. Prostate biopsy is one of the most dreaded procedures for men, and it's highly controversial because of the incurred side effects and the fact that many of the patients don't…

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Stem Cell Therapy Restores Erectile Function in Males for the First Time

It appears to be only a matter of time until stem cell research enables revolutionary treatments that could cure all sorts of ailments, using nothing but the patients' own cells. While this possibility remains a mirage into the future, there is already very compelling research being done. One area of interest that has been recently graced with the therapeutic potential of this technique is male…

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How Exercise Does More Than Just Tone Your Muscles

There have been many significant studies in the past year that changed our understanding of the human body. Recently, the effect of regular exercise on a man's chances of contracting deadly diseases like cancer was brought to light. Here are some of the findings:

Lower risk of cancer

New research has found that men who keep a high level of physical fitness during their midlife…

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Getting Closer to New Male Birth Control Solutions

Women have seen their options for non-permanent contraception grow faster than men. Current solutions for females include physical barriers, such as condoms, hormonal treatments (pills and injections) and intrauterine devices.

Men, in contrast,…

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Health Conditions That Affect More Men Than Women

For quite a long time, women have been considered healthier than men both from infancy and to old age. In most parts of the world, more boys are born than girls every year. However, a large percentage of boys don’t survive up to their first year. This is because boys are more susceptible to most of the deadly infants and newborn diseases. It’s been noted that most men doesn’t consider the risks…

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Understanding Prostatectomy

Prostatectomy refers to a surgical removal of the entire or part of the prostate gland. The procedure is used in the treatment of prostate cancer. In fact, in 60% of prostate cancer cases, patients have to undergo this treatment.

Prostatectomy is also used in the treatment of urinary tract complications caused by BPH (benign…

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The Most Beneficial Supplements for Men

Men will usually go for supplements to build muscles and at times to boost brain power. But, it is not always easy to identify exactly what vitamins a man needs as there are many out there. Here is a short list of supplements that are essential for men's overall health.

1. Choline

This is a supplement that improves memory, while also supports overall brain function…

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Main Factors That Can Lead to a Failed Vasectomy

More than half a million men undergo vasectomy each year in the USA, which makes it one of the most common urological procedures. Vasectomy or male sterilization is a form of permanent birth control that requires cutting, tying, blocking or cauterizing the vas deferens in a man’s reproductive organs. Although it is a very effective…

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Mistakes that Keep Men Fat

A lot of men spend a lot of money trying to attain the perfect physical form. Whether they are investing in expensive gym equipment or trying their hand at the latest dietary schemes, there are no lengths men will not go in order to acquire the perfect set of abs.

Of course, just because a lot of men work so hard and spend much…

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Every Man Should Know About Prostate Cancer

Cancer is a scourge in the contemporary human society. It causes immense people suffering among those who have it and their loved ones. Fortunately, many types of cancer are treatable especially when physicians detect them during the early stages of the disease.

Early detection is only possible if you know what signs you should be looking for to determine if you have cancer. Men should know…

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