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Poor Sleep Can Cause Alzheimer's, New Study Says

It is no secret that having sleepless nights frequently isn’t good for one’s brain and body. The side effects of sleep deprivation might however extend even farther than doctors realized up to this point, new research shows.

According to a new study published in the Neurology journal, people who report having frequent sleep issues may be at greater risk for Alzheimer's disease. The research…

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Can Allergies Be 'Turned off' by Gene Therapy?

Allergies afflict around 50 million people in the US. It is estimated that around 40 percent of American children and up to 30 percent of American adults have an allergy. What is more, epidemiological studies suggest that the number of people who suffer from allergies is increasing year on year. As such, many scientists have been focusing their efforts on developing not just more effective treatments…

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Marijuana Users May Lose Their Teeth, Study Says

Medicinal marijuana may have many benefits, but one should not forget that, as with most drugs, users can also experience short- and long-term adverse effects.

Marijuana is already well known for contributing to the impairment of younger people's brain function, memory and performance, but what users may not know is that…

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How Our Favorite Electronic Devices Take a Toll on Our Health

Let's face it, today almost everyone is addicted to using an electronic device. How many steps can you take down the street without thinking about or checking your phone? Heavy use of digital technology is attributed to modernization and fast progress the humanity has been making. However, modern technology has its downsides as well.

This explosion of electronics could be doing more harm…

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Why Are Males More Likely to Have Malignant Brain Tumors?

Medical records show that certain types of brain tumors are more frequent among males than females. Records also show that brain tumors tend to be more malignant among men. Medulloblastomas (during childhood) and glioblastomas—two types of malignant tumors—are roughly twice as common in males than in females.…

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Shoelaces and Your Health and Longevity

Did you know that shoelaces are the key to understanding aging? Well, not the ones in your shoes, of course. Scientists have known about telomeres since the 1970's, but have only recently begun to understand their importance to public health issues like cancer and aging. Telomeres are small strands of DNA at…

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