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Women's Health


Pregnancy is a crucial moment in the life of every woman. It is always something unknown, sensational and very exciting. Pregnancy is a natural condition, however, it requires certain preparation. Once the pregnancy occurs, a female body is going to experience a lot of changes.

First of all, from the moment when a pregnancy test shows a positive result, the woman has to be provided with…

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Morning Sickness: Should You Be Concerned?

In the first trimester of pregnancy, it is common for most women to experience episodes of nausea accompanied by vomiting, referred to as morning sickness. Although bothersome, the condition is usually harmless. It may begin around the 6th week of pregnancy, get to its peak around the 9th week and disappear by the 16th to 18th week. In normal situations, use…

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Preterm Births Are Genetically Predetermined

Remarkable progress has been made in the prognosis for newborn over the last century. The infant mortality rate has decreased dramatically in the developed world thanks to multiple advancements in medicine. In the 1950s, more than 150 death per 1000 births occurred around the world. Today, this number is reduced to roughly 40. In developed countries less than 5 deaths per 1000 births is now common.…

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Hyperemesis Gravidarum: a Condition That Can Make Pregnancy Unbearable

Every woman — and perhaps most men too — knows that the symptom commonly referred to as “morning sickness” is usually a sign of pregnancy. However, some may still not be aware that there is morning sickness which is completely normal, and then there is a similar condition which is much more serious.

The condition is called hyperemesis gravidarum, and it’s become common knowledge through…

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Concussion Associated with Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding Patterns

According to recent research, concussion is suspected to cause increased menstrual bleeding and other abnormalities as to periods. The study was performed by the University of Pittsburgh and involved 130 young women and girls. Dr. Anthony P. Kontos, lead researcher of the study, was always concerned about how a concussion can influence a woman's menstrual bleeding. In order to clarify this matter,…

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Soy Beans May Be Linked to the Occurrence of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancers that affect people all over the globe. While most of those who have it are women, some men suffer from this type of cancer as well. It is also one of the deadliest types, accounting for 18.2 percent of cancer deaths worldwide, regardless of gender. In the USA alone, 39,620 breast cancer deaths are reported annually.

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Sugar Cravings and PMS Might Be Linked

Statistics place the percentage of women who suffer noticeable symptoms of PMS at 60%. Furthermore, surveys indicate that one out of three women who suffer PMS end up in hospital wards, psychiatric institutions and even in prison.

E. Abraham, MD, a researcher engaging in studies on PMS stated that this female problem is a vastly unrecognized cause of social problems including divorce and…

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Sexual Health and Age: the Importance of an Active Sex Life for Aging Women

A study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society shows that most adults maintain their ability to have and enjoy sex late into their old age. The same research also shows that sexual satisfaction, regardless of the levels of activity, has a very close relationship with most individuals’ perception of the quality of life, and this is even more so when it comes to women.


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Vaginismus: a Woman's Biggest Obstacle in Bed

Nowadays, it is fairly normal to talk about erectile dysfunction and solutions like Viagra. In fact, men seem to completely have put their male pride aside to a point where even sportsmen and celebrities endorse the drug publicly.

However, there is still pressure for women to perform, and a lot of them remain ashamed of not being able to do so and unaware that there is a very real cause…

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Connection between Migraines and Cardiovascular Disease among Women

Women who suffer from migraines have a reason to be worried. New research suggests that such women have a 50 percent greater chance of developing heart problems. The alarm surrounding revelations such as this emanates from the fact that migraines are so widespread, which makes this issue a public health concern.

Doctors have been talking about the link between migraines and ailments such…

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